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Katie MacAlister,: Even Vampires Get the Blues

Even Vampires Get the Blues


Paen Scott is a Dark One: a vampire without a soul. And his mother is about to lose hers too if Paen can't repay a debt to a demon by finding a relic known as the Jilin God in five days.Half-elf Samantha Cosse may have gotten kicked out of the Order of Diviners, but she's still good at finding things, which is why she just opened her own private investigation agency.Paen is one of Sam's first clients and the only one to set her elf senses tingling, which makes it pretty much impossible to keep their relationship on a professional level. Sam is convinced that she is Paen's Beloved--the woman who can give him back his soul...whether he wants it or not.

On the day she turned seventy-seven, internationally acclaimed mystery writer P. D. James embarked on an endeavor unlike any other in her distinguished career: she decided to write a personal memoir in the form of a diary. Over the course of a year she set down not only the events and impressions of her extraordinarily active life, but also the memories, joys, Even Vampires Get the Blues download epub discoveries, and crises of a lifetime. This enchantingly original volume is the result. Podręcznik studenta przewidziany jest do pracy pod kierunkiem nauczyciela. “A moving and emotional story.”—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The book is illustrated with changing conceptions of Kirith Ungol and Mount Doom, as well as previously unpublished drawings of Orthanc and Dunharrow. Do you confuse boron with barium or chlorine with fluorine? Fear not! Basher Science has come to the rescue by mixing science and art to create a unique periodic table. From unassuming oxygen to devious manganese, the incredible elements show you the periodic table as you've never seen it before. Basher Science: The Periodic Table gives a face, voice and personality to the chemical elements, making learning chemistry easier and a whole lot more fun. This new expanded edition reflects the latest discoveries, and now each of the 115 elements has not just a picture but an information-packed page all to itself. Basher's highly original books make difficult concepts tangible, understandable and even lovable. With his stylish, contemporary characters he communicates science brilliantly. "a creative bombshell - will transform the way you think." Times Educational Supplement

Author: Katie MacAlister,
Number of Pages: 359 pages
Published Date: 15 Jul 2009
Publisher: Penguin Putnam Inc
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780451218230
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